How Chuala can help language teachers and speech pathologists

The problem

Nearly all language learners find it difficult to improve their pronunciation skills because there are sounds and rhythms that don't exist in their native language. Learners have to first learn how to distinguish these new sounds by listening to different examples 50-100 times. They then have to practice pronunciation 50-100 times. Pronunciation practice becomes productive when learners can hear what they are saying.

Tools for learners

Chuala has record and play, compare and loop tools to let learners practice with the models created for them. Teachers and speech language pathologists greatly accelerate the learning process by using various teaching methods and providing feedback.

Tools for teachers, voice coaches and speech pathologists

With Chuala, teachers or speech language pathologists record pronunciation examples and create lessons for their students or clients. Learners can practice wherever there is internet and as often as they want. Pronunciation examples can be recorded in any of the world's 7,589 languages and translations can be added if this will help the learner. Read about content groups to see how this helps both learners and teachers.