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About accents

Why are accents important?
Accents are important because a learner will ideally develop both pronunciation and understanding skills with the accent used where they will use the language.

What are the accent tags used for?
Accent tags are used to indicate the speaker's accent. This is important for many learners.

Why are the language names in English?
We use the ISO 639-3 list of language names. It only available in English.

Do the accent tags have to be in English?
No. You can use any language you want.

What is a language description?
A language description is the language name, tags and fluency level. A user could have a language description "French, Québecois, Native."

What is meant by fluency?
The user indicates their fluency level in a language.

Can a user have more than one language description for a given language?
Yes. A user could have a native English Texas accent and an intermediate English Cockney accent. This feature is useful for voice coaches.

Does the accent tag indicate anything about the term?
No. Accents only refer to the accent. For example, a British English expression could be recorded with a Canadian accent.

How are accents indicated?
Each user indicates their accents in their language profile. Log in and go to Profile -> Languages. Choose a language and then add Name or Geography tags to specify the accent.

What's the difference between Name and Geography tags?
A name tag generally speaking refers to a community or other group. For example, Acadian is a name tag that can be used with French. Geography tags are used for places.

Can an accent have more than one tag?
Yes. Add the number of tags necessary. You can have more than one geography or name tag, e.g. Canada, Prince Edward Island.

Can I edit name tags?
Not for the moment. You have to delete the language description and create a new one.